Wanted – The oldest Staycold in South Africa
Wanted Poster looking for oldest Staycold in South Africa



Staycold has been manufacturing commercial refrigeration for more than 40 years – known for their durability and reliability, Staycold fridges can often be found still working hard long after others have fallen away.

During the 1980’s Staycold began manufacture of their legendary beverage coolers, and to celebrate this, they are on the hunt for the oldest working example here in South Africa; i.e. South Africa’s oldest working Staycold beverage cooler. August is their birthday, so not better way to celebrate their birthday than to launch this fantastic campaign.

They are thus on the search for, and offering in reward for this unit, a brand new Staycold fridge in the equivalent size to exchange for the company/person that wins.

The winning unit will be bought home to their factory in Parys, given some TLC and proudly displayed in their showroom where it will receive the honour it deserves. It will be placed there together with Staycold’s brand new models that are showcased and available to the trade.

Competition Rules

  1. Staycold International is running this competition in South Africa (SACU)
  2. Due to our product range evolving over time, and some older models/ranges being discontinued and not available for equivalent replacements, we are looking for beverage coolers of the 690, 890, 1140 and 1360 series’. We would love to hear stories about other units and may publish stories of their provenance, but they will unfortunatly be excluded from the competition.
  3. The competition is open to any person at any company (or individual) that has a Staycold beverage cooler located in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU). This is in any of SACU’s five countries of Southern Africa: Botswana, Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa.
  4. To enter, the cooler must be in working order. The entrant must email the following in one email to wanted@staycold.devcorner.co.za
    1. 3 photos – a photo of the rating label inside the fridge, a close up photo of the fridge from top to bottom and then a photo of the fridge it its current environment.
    2. Provide their full name, physical address of where the unit is located, their contact number and e-mail.
    3. Provide a short description of the fridge and its history over the years (not more than 100 words).
  5. The competition ends on the 31st January 2021 at 5pm.
  6. The winner will be selected by Staycold based on the oldest, best looking unit that is in good working order in a typical environment where the coolers are used.
  7. The winner will be called telephonically on the 19th February 2021 and then announced on the 22nd of February on Staycold’s website, on LinkedIn, in their monthly newsletter and in relevant media.
  8. The hand over will take place at the winner’s site at a time convenient to them and Staycold, before the end of February 2021.
  9. The hand over will be in the form of a short ceremony with key stakeholders and media invited. Photographs and interviews will take place.
  10. The winner will be interviewed and their unit photographed and used in various media to promote the longevity of the units.
  11. The winner will also be invited to visit the unit at Staycold’s showroom thereafter, during 2021. The travel costs will be for their own account.
  12. Staycold’s decision will be final in any adjudication and no late entries will be considered.
  13. All information received in the competition i.e. the units stories, photos etc can be mentioned and published for marketing purposes by Staycold, after the competition.

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