HD690 – Single Door Upright Cooler

Large single door beverage cooler offering high performance cooling and excellent stocking capacity.

Key Model Features

  1. Digital Thermostat for accurate temperature control and built in voltage protection.
  2. Low-E Glass for improved insulation, lower running costs and reduced condensation.
  3. EcoMate Polyurethane Insulation foam, water based, Non flammable and Zero ODP.
  4. Fully Adjustable Shelving.
  5. High Efficiency Compressor.
  6. High performance Heat exchanges.
  7. Reversible Door action.
  8. Available in the following finished:
    • HD690 – Std Model with black trim and white chromadek
    • HD690-L – HD690 with LED lighting
    • HD690-LF – HD690 with LED lighting and high efficiency fans
    • HD690-LFS – HD690 with LED lighting and high efficiency fans,
      grey trims and Stainless steel sides.
    • SHD690 – HD690 with grey trim, solid stainless steel Door
      and Stainless steel sides.

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